Sambhar Recipe “A South Indian Stew”

Sambhar Recipe, South Indian Sambhar Recipe, How to Make South Indian Sambhar Recipe – Sambhar is one of the most famous recipe of South Indian Cuisine. For many every dish from south India has a combination with Sambhar, it is not true but this shows the popularity of Sambhar. Here you can read collection of south Indian recipes by me :)!sambhar-recipe-12

Sambhar is a vegetable lentil stew which is made up of different pulses or lentil with vegetables. Mostly sambhar is known for its tangy flavor in North India, but if you taste sambhar of South Indian state Kerala then this tangy myth will also break down.

In my article on I share my sambhar recipe and tips for perfect sambhar, but recently I got many messages that they can’t get sambhar masala at their place so how can they make sambhar masala at home. So be patient for this answer I will soon share perfect spice combination to make sambhar masala at home only.

Till then visit my website which is full of Indian vegetarian recipes and with that some other cuisines.

Click here > Sambhar Recipe
Click here > south Indian recipes


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